Kender du det c:

We are twin brothers and make funny videos mostly on Facebook and YouTube. Just recently we won the award "Best On Facebook" at Guldtuben 2017. Beside our videos we are in high school trying to make time for both video making, homework and parties.

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Selected Cases


Ski trip with WeShare by Mobilepay

Together with WeShare Oskar and Elias was sent skiing in Sweden. In a vlog-format the ski trip showed how to use the app WeShare when you are travelling in a group. 


Reaction video

As Kender du det c: does it best, they react to musicvideos and put focus on different music. 


YouTube campaign together with Odense Kommune

Together with Odense Kommune Kender du det c: did a series of different videoes with the theme: "It is not possible for everyone to become a YouTuber". In the videos they tries different educations in the loyal authority. 





Other Talents