Astrid Olsen

On all my channels you'll find beauty, fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

I have a special interest in quality and aesthetics, but I also always have space for my personality and a lot of humor! It is very important for me that my content is equal to my followers and that they can relate. 

I always try to challenge myself both in style, but also in everything else I do. That's what I love most about my job.

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Selected Cases


Ambassador campaign ft. NA-KD

Together with NA-KD Astrid shows her favorite new na-kd items. As an ambassador the na-kd collaboration is a part of both her Instagram and her YouTube channel. 


Astrid Olsen ft. NA-KD

Together with NA-KD Astrid has launch her very first collection together with the cool brand na-kd.  



#Sygtungt ft. Red Cross Youth

Through a campaign established by Egmont foundation and Red Cross youth, Astrid explored how to live with chronic disease when being young.


Other Talents