Since I was a little boy my passion has been to create content. Now that is what I do for a living and I’m blessed with a full-time job where I work with one of the biggest YouTube Channels in Denmark.

My videos are very diverse, and you’ll find pretty much everything on my channel: Sports, challenges, sketches, travel and much more. On my channel, you’ll often find dares to be a bit more rowdy or fearless than your average YouTuber. I also have a second channel only with gaming videos, primarily FIFA, UFC, PUBG etc.

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Selected Cases


DSB Youth-ticket campaing

Viewed more then 200.000 times, Armin collabed with DBS to set forth the introduction of the Youth-ticket.


First single - Lyserøde elefanter

Together with Eiqu Miller, Armin has just released his first single. 


"Crazy face" Malaco, campaign

Crazy and product were two key themes in this video to highlight Malacos newest candy, Crazy face.


Other Talents