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We train our influencers to be more creative, and we work with them on developing original ideas for their channels.

In close collaboration with our talents we aim at getting campaigns that fit the individual strategy of each talent. This means that our talents take part in the creative process and they are present at meetings with clients and organisations. This eliminates misunderstandings and strengthens the relationship between the influencer and the campaign he or she signed up for. In all matters, these talents will become your brand ambassadors.

We always strive to achieve and produce campaigns with a brand gaining goal, and we would rather say no to brands then compromise the vision set forth by Hippo and the talent.


Influencers and clients work most effectively together when a collaboration is supported by a strategy that takes all aspects into consideration.

We always take the time to design an individual strategy for every campaign. All aspects are taken into account, no matter the size of the campaign. Throughout years of experience in this line of business, we have the knowledge to assist early in the process to design the precise strategy to achieve your set goals. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. The sooner the better. We prefer to assist you from the beginning developing your personal strategy in order to obtain the most successful influencer campaign.


We know, that real value does not come in number of reach or amounts of likes, but in genuinely impacting people’s lives. We also know that views, likes, reach, downloads etc. are important indicators of how people have actually been impacted by a piece of content. Using data is crucial to ensure quality, to match influencers with brands and create better content. We have collaborations with a number of crunchers around the world. Like data? Well you’d like working with Hippo!  


We are Hippo

Hi welcome to Hippo! We’re not your average influencer agency.

For us talent is a skill, that can be trained and perfected. Audience is equal to an opportunity to do great things and content is so much more than just selling products.


Hippo is a community for the best social media influencers and our purpose is to help them develop their talent and personal brand, to reach their full potential. Our ambition is to work with the best influencers so we can create the best content for on the one hand the users and on the other hand the brands, we work with.


We know and expect that our influencers are the real experts on their audience and media, so we don’t meddle with their ideas and content. We merely assist them to reach their true and full potential, give them the right tools and help produce content of the highest quality possible. By connecting our influencers to a team of skilled managers, agents and creatives with years of experience throughout media, television and music industry, we ensure that our talents are in an environment of constant flow of innovative ideas. Our managers and agents work closely together on developing the influencers’ personal brand as well as commercial campaigns and personal content. We ensure that the influencers create content that will take them full circle. It is essential to us and our vision, that our talents take an active part in this process. Great content adds value to the world – our job is to create more!


Have a look around, we’re pretty sure, you’ll like what you see!


For all business inquiries regarding our talents please use the email below. 



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